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Welcome to Gypsy Cowgirl!

It’s a long family history of love for fashion and all beautiful things that helped me to create these fantastic offerings for you affordably and delivered to you rapidly.

Gypsy Cowgirl began in 2009 with jewelry and has since expanded to clothing, shoes and home wear. I am so excited to add a new line of custom, handmade infant and children’s wear brought to you custom designed by myself, Kristeena Lindley, the Gypsy Cowgirl herself! This new line features adorable, wearable children’s wear at affordable prices with Gypsy Cowgirl’s same fast delivery and satisfaction guarantee. Gypsy Cowgirl has expanded to online access and ordering from the comfort of your home

About myself

I grew up in California surrounded by family and friends who focused on looking and feeling their best through fitness (I am a former gym owner and corporate trainer), nutrition and emphasized by fashion. My grandmother was 111 when she passed. She was the delight of the town and possibly the oldest woman in California at the time of her passing in early 2020. Everyone knew Mildred Layfield was an absolute angel, impecibly dressed, matching head to toe with full makeup and lovely hats daily. She set the stage as an inspiration for my mother, her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to maintain her love for looking and feeling good daily. The pride of this 5 generation legacy of fashion is available to you through Gypsy Cowgirl.

Please, come in and take a look!

My inventory changes daily and some items are limited edition, so if you see something you like order now because availability may be limited. Look frequently! I keep these items available and present to you the freshest, eclectic fashion available. If you are looking for a custom design, please contact me so I can get it started ASAP. Happy shopping!!

Kristeena Lindley
the Gypsy Cowgirl herself
My grandmother Mildred Layfield

Welcome to our Grand Opening!